What our customers are saying
  • I appreciated the atmosphere and the personnel, from the office worker to the medical workers. It is number one. I recommend it highly.
  • She seemed happy there. She had been to some rehabs she wasn’t happy with. They are good with addressing concerns and with the food. It was a nice place. If she needed something fixed with her food, they would get her something different.
  • They do attend to her. They call me if there are any concerns. I like that. They feed her, bathe her, and clean and change her clothes. I appreciate all of that. Her nurses change. Everyone is great. Caren Patty has been wonderful.
  • All of the aides were very caring and took good care of my husband. I have nothing but praise for the aides assigned to him.

  • I am very grateful for the care that NCN has given to my Mother since 1997. She could not be in better hands, and I could not be more grateful to their staff. – John Kulick
  • My husband was recently a patient at your facility until his unfortunate passing on Feb. 22nd.

    I want you to know how impressed I was with the care he received at NCNR. Everyone was so caring and helpful on the Wellness Walk especially his aide Reggie who went out of her way to make life easier and more comfortable for him and all her patients. His physical therapy team was also superb and everyone else we encountered during his stay was so nice and most professional.

    You should be very proud of your staff and I am very thankful for them.

  • I am a patient here at NNC+R for a broken hip. I am both a stroke and cancer survivor, with a multitude of other physical limitations. I am no stranger to physical therapy. I have an easy 6-7 years under my belt.

    At this time, I feel compelled to single out a physical therapist. Al Vonurbith, whose friendly, patient, yet professional manner has afforded me more progress in the short time I have spent with him, than others I have spent much more time with. Every step I take is a reflection on him.

    Secondly, my occupational therapist, Greg Bustamante, has proven to be more than helpful to me every phase of my recovery. He and Al work very well together. I feel more than comfortable with both of these gentleman. I have trust and confidence in them fully.

    At this time, I would like to thank and applaud both of these professionals. Their hard work and dedication should be recognized.

  • A note of appreciation for the wonderful and very tasty presentation of the Thanksgiving luncheon. We enjoyed it very much.

    The staff needs applause for their hard work and dedication.

    Many thanks for a job well done.
  • I am writing this letter to tell you how exceptional my family thinks certain members of your staff are.

    We are impressed with their caring, friendliness, effective nursing and ability to go beyond the expected.

    I want to name each person I am referring to. First, Terry, in the Recreational Therapy Department. She runs the program in the small room on Unit 100. She is exceptional in her care for each person individually. I am so relieved and happy to know that my mom spends a good part of her day surrounded by music, delightful conversation and the ability to watch quiet activities. Terry is creative and warm, making sure every person is happy and content. We love her!

    Next, Linda Lee, our mom's day nurse: Linda is a true professional and is always "on top of" mom's situation. Our mother is now 102 years old .....and we agree it is because of the careful monitoring that Linda does every day.

    Kathleen is the evening nurse on Unit 100. She is always patient with my mom and my requests. She is always willing to "unhook" her from her feeding tube when I visit, so I can push her around the facility for our daily walk. She is also aware that my husband and I like to come for Wednesday night karaoke and makes sure mom is "up" and ready for that.

    More about karaoke later.

    Mom's day CNA is Donna Rose. This quiet, lovely lady takes such good care of our mom. She does her hair beautifully and makes sure she is dressed perfectly with a nice outfit, matching earrings and necklace and pretty scarf. Her attention to detail is exceptional and she does everything in a patient and kind way. My mom adores her and responds to her.

    Mom's evening CNA is Phyllis. Phyllis always has a smile and a laughing nature. She is so warm and loving with my mom. Always hugging her and making her feel loved. Phyllis' evening care is exceptional and wonderful. We are so lucky to have her take care of our mom. She is patient in every way and always helpful to us.

    Now about Karaoke and the family night each Wednesday. We try to make it a regular activity for us.

    My husband and I enjoy the evening that Tom and Mary host. They are amazing. Very creative and talented in so many ways. Everyone enjoys themselves during this time. You can see how engaged each client is....even if they are not singing they are so happy to be there listening. Tom and Mary greet each person with hugs and warm smiles. They encourage participation from everyone. We are impressed by how many clients, family and staff participate each week. What a wonderful activity this is. When I tell others about it, they say they can't believe people are having so much fun in a nursing home. This is directly because of Mary and Tom. Your facility is so lucky to have these two. They are great performers themselves and their singing is so entertaining.

    So as we end 2016, we want to thank you and your facility for doing such a great job. My mother's family is grateful for your leadership.

  • Coming to NCNR was a turning point for me

  • My Aunt has been under the care of Nesconset Nursing Home for a little over a year now. While I am solely responsible for her care (and am her healthcare proxy) and have dealt with several different people within the Nursing Center I wanted to be sure you knew just how wonderful your staff has been and continues to be. Over the past several years my aunt has visited several different nursing homes and I can easily say that Nesconset is a step above the rest. Every single member of your staff has been eager to help and compassionate … nurses, aides, physical therapists, social workers, onsite doctors, the receptionist at the front door… even the gentleman from maintenance! You should be very proud of your staff and congratulate them on a job well done!!!!
  • All you showed us was warmth and caring during my father’s rehab.

  • We can’t thank you all enough for the way you brought our brother to his current condition. He is so lucky to have had you all to guide him and encourage him. He truly enjoyed his therapy sessions finding you all upbeat and cheering him on. Your personalities bring a smile to his face when he speaks of you. You are all a credit to the medical profession. We are forever grateful he had such a positive experience.
  • Our experience with everyone at Nesconset has been nothing short of excellent. Any and all issues concerning my mother’s care are always addressed. My calls are always answered in a timely manner. Thank you for allowing me to sleep at night knowing she is in good hands.