Is DME covered when I go home?

Most equipment needed for discharge home is covered by your insurer. A meeting will be held with you and your family to discuss what is needed and covered.

How long will I be here/when can I go home?

Shortly after your admission a meeting will be held to discuss your progress in therapy, needs for discharge, and the anticipated length of stay.

Who decides when I can go home?

Our Doctors, Rehabilitation and Case Management Team will discuss with you and your family issues related to your date of discharge so that you may return home safely and as soon as possible.

How do I get the phone and TV turned on?

Upon admission, the phone and TV will be on for free as a courtesy for one day. To continue service after that, you must go to the Business Office and leave a deposit.

What type of clothing should my family bring?

We recommend that you wear comfortable lose fitting clothing with flat shoes or sneakers so that you will be comfortable during your therapy sessions.

When will I see my doctor?

Your doctor will evaluate you when you are admitted and then if there are any medical issues that need to be addressed. There is also a full time Nurse Practitioner who is available to address immediate medical concerns.

Can I go home for the holiday?

If it is determined by the rehabilitation department that you may leave the facility safely for a home visit then you may leave for a holiday but you must return to the facility that day.

Can I come here for outpatient therapy?

We do not offer outpatient therapy at this time however we will give you recommendations if needed.

Why has insurance denied my stay here?

Insurances companies will receive frequent updates related to your medical care and rehabiitative progress. These companies review this information and determine the need for your continued stay at NCNR. Our Rehabilitation Team advocates for you based on your need for continued rehabilitation.

What time is my therapy?

The rehabilitation department has a schedule that is distributed to the nursing units indicating your therapy times. The schedule is based on your individual needs.

How much therapy will I get?

After your initial evaluations, you and your therapist will discuss the appropriate amount of therapy that you will receive based upon your potential for improvement and your tolerance to activity.

What is Occupational Therapy?

Occupational Therapy will provide rehabilitation to help you regain function, maintain level of functioning, or make accommodations for any deficits you may be experiencing related to self care activities such as dressing, eating, bathing, and toileting. Occupational Therapist will also address any cognitive deficits you may have such as memory, problem solving, or communication skills.