Balance Disorders

To meet the needs of our community, Nesconset has developed a comprehensive Balance Program to assess and treat those patients with balance impairments. Balance and movement disorders are difficult to diagnose and treat and falls are the leading cause of injury related deaths in persons over the age of 65. In fact, every year, one-third of the population age 65 and older will experience a fall.

Exclusive to the Nesconset rehabilitation department is the computerized Balance Master System that enables our rehab staff to obtain clear objective information to enhance effective treatment programs so that you can return home safely.

Our Balance Program is designed to:
  • Effectively assess and identify impairments, functional limitations and disabilities associated with balance disorders
  • Target the impaired system with an individualized treatment plan
  • Improve balance and vestibular function
  • Reduce the risk of falls and injury

Effective in the treatment of balance problems associated with: